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Some of Our Favorite Success Stories

Jose Torlao was a construction worker with three children. He was doing well in supporting his family in a simple lifestyle until an accident resulted in a fragment of metal lodging in his eye. Jose drained his savings to pay for a laser treatment to save his eyesight. He had nothing left to afford the subsequent surgeries which would be necessary to remove the metal and the fluid which had accumulated in his eye. Due to his condition, Jose was unable to work, and none of the agencies from which he sought aid were able to assist him. He heard of a free medical mission (Rosa Mystica Health Mission) in town and hastened to join the crowd. The mission was able to connect Jose to eye specialists who proposed two expensive surgeries. The mission was able to cover the costs of the first surgery but not the second treatment which was necessary for Jose’s return to work. Touched by his story, a young mother of three held a bake sale and donated all of the proceeds. The donation was sufficient to cover the second procedure, and Jose was able to return to work and continue supporting his family.

Paul Claros was one of the altar boys at the chapel which many of the Filipino mission team attend. One year, two weeks before Christmas, this 14-year-old was admitted to the hospital due to a twisted bowel. The ensuing operation was a success, and two days before Christmas he was healthy enough to go home. However, the family could not afford his 85,000 peso (approximately $1,800 at the time) bill. (Filipino hospitals are unable to release patients before the bill is settled. Otherwise, they are unlikely to see the patient or their money again and would soon be bankrupt.) Paul’s father was a janitor who made approximately 1,500 pesos a week which could support only the most basic survival needs of the family. And the mission could only contribute a small amount. One message was sent out. Within two days, generous donors exceeded Paul’s financial needs, and he returned home in time to serve at Christmas Mass. Proceeds in excess of Paul’s needs were given to poor families in need of nourishing Christmas dinners.

Rosemarie Goyha was a stay-at-home mother, satisfied with her modest lifestyle. She spent her time and energy managing the home and taking care of her children and partner. Unfortunately, she developed a debilitating lung infection. Her partner deserted her and the children, leaving them helpless. Her eldest son had recently graduated college but was unable to look for employment because of the demands of caring for his mother and siblings. Rosemarie spent over a month and a half in the hospital as fluid was removed from her lungs, courtesy of Rosa Mystica Health Mission’s financial support. A few days after being discharged though, fluid again accumulated in her lungs. Her son, wanting to be brave and self-sufficient, was able to beg around for the money to cover another hospitalization. After returning home, the situation again worsened so that Rosemarie was gasping for breath. Unable to pay for the hospitalization and needing advice on the medical decision, her son again turned to the mission. Four Missions was only able to raise $250 of the $1,700 that Rosemarie needed, but the following is the beautiful reply from the mission. “Hello to you too!!!! I was very worried that Rosemarie’s bill would exceed my estimate but God really works in wonderfully mysterious ways. Rosemarie’s bill was over 100 thousand pesos but after deductions from the health insurance and negotiations with the provincial and municipal government and the social workers, we paid only P17,180.69! The money you sent is exactly enough to cover Rosemarie’s hospital expenses. It’s so amazing that you sent the right amount!!!”