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In Need

The recently completed 2023 Rosa Mystica Health Mission cared for 2,346 patients in 6 days! Of these patients, 332 will need additional assistance. Some patients need financial assistance to afford maintenance medications for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Many of this year’s patients live in remote villages, earn about 5,000 pesos per month (rice alone costs approximately 1,200 pesos per month for an average family), and care for multiple generations of their family. Some will need specialty consultations for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, cleft lips, hernias, epilepsy, and heart murmurs. Others hope for surgeries or rehab for injuries from vehicular accidents or weakness from strokes which they have been struggling with for years. This care will greatly improve their quality of life and may even allow them to return to work or be more active in family life. Some patients will need treatments for pneumonia, dengue, schistosomiasis, typhoid, or tuberculosis.