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2023 Update


Rosa Mystica Health Mission 2023 brought medical services to 2,346 patients in 6 days!!  Due to Covid restrictions, the mission continues to be an outreach mission, rather than settling in one location; so, we went to six remote villages.  As always, the mission received support from local governments, schools, and the military who provided supplies, student nurses (completing their community clinical while doing supervised nursing tasks and serving as translators), transportation, and security.  Thanks to this assistance, the mission was able to add some on-site testing, ear flushing, nebulizer treatments, and social worker consultations to its standard list of services.

Similar to previous missions, many patients simply needed vitamin and mineral supplements for malnourishment.  A few patients needed emergency treatments: hematoma behind the placenta, systolic blood pressure of 270, and septic shock.  As is common, 332 patients will need additional assistance or treatments.  Some patients were seeking financial assistance to procure their maintenance medications for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.  Others hoped for care for conditions such as blurry vision, pain, weakness, fainting, and shortness of breath since they have been dealing with cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, injuries, epilepsy, strokes, and heart murmurs for years.  Please consider helping with a financial donation.  Thank you.