Our mission is to promote and support Catholic missions.

About Four Missions

Four Missions Inc. was founded to promote and support Catholic missions. We are a volunteer-run non-profit dedicated to ensuring that 100% of personal donations are forwarded directly to those in need. Since our beginning, we have prioritized keeping our administrative costs to a minimum, and we are fortunate to have private donors who generously cover those expenses. With that assistance, Four Missions has been able to send over $27,000 to help provide care to Rosa Mystica Health Mission’s patients! We have also connected four volunteers with the Rosa Mystica Health Mission and shipped religious and medical supplies to the Philippines and Africa. At the present moment, the vast majority of our funding supports the Rosa Mystica Health Mission in the Philippines. This mission, being so close to our founder’s heart, is a known and trusted entity; we are familiar with their needs and how the finances will be utilized. Occasionally, Four Missions is made aware of needs in other countries, and additional fundraising efforts are done to specifically meet those needs.

About the Founder

Our founder began her career in the world of business, having received her accounting degree from the UW-Madison. However, after years of being her grandmother’s caretaker and participating in mission work, she was inspired to return to school and become a nurse. She now works as a nurse on a cardiac unit. She has participated in the Rosa Mystica Health Mission, serving the Philippines since 2010. For years, her family and friends generously supported the mission by donating money and supplies. In 2016, during an extensive, sleep-deprived layover, she decided to start a non-profit in the hopes of bringing even more of America’s vast resources to the Filipinos never-ending needs.

About Rosa Mystica Health Mission

The Rosa Mystica Health Mission was founded in 2007 by a Canadian priest, a French doctor, and a Filipina nurse. Since that time, the mission hosts an annual one to two-week medical mission (with the exception of 2021 due to Covid restrictions). Missionaries from the Philippines, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Canada, the USA, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, and other countries have combined over the years to provide relief to all parts of the Philippines. The annual mission provides pediatric and adult consultations, dental consultations and extractions, eye exams and glasses, minor surgeries such as cyst removals, wound care, prenatal consultations, and medications. Some testing is also available onsite such as electrocardiograms and urinalysis. Catechism classes, rosaries, scapulars, miraculous medals, house blessings, and sacraments are also readily available to all interested patients. However, the work of the Rosa Mystica Health Mission does not end with the annual mission. There is a small Filipino team that works tirelessly year round to care for its compatriots. This team provides follow-up care to patients who need additional testing or who may need consultations and procedures that were beyond the capabilities of the mission. Additionally, they undertake outreach missions as they are approached by those in need. They have provided health education (hand hygiene, dental hygiene, and nutrition education), water sanitation (education as well as water pumps), medical care, and religious assistance (as listed above but also building churches) to isolated communities. Occasionally, this team also provides assistance such as food, water, and rebuilding of homes to communities devastated by natural disasters.